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About Simon

After completing a Masters of Architecture in 2010, Simon moved back to the coastal town of Lake Cathie and started freelancing for many leading architects, builders, and engineers on the Mid North Coast of NSW. This gave him exposure to a wide range of projects and to be mentored extensively.

Simon experienced varied approaches to design and the built environment, learning the most efficient and effective ways to design, communicate and document buildings. Outside of “designing buildings” Simon’s interest in “construction” led him to work on building sites in both Australia and Canada.

An important aspect to every project is Simon's intimate understanding of Spatial Syntax, a unique subject which Simon studied for in his Masters of Architecture thesis. The study of Spatial Syntax, explores the relationship of spaces, both internal and to the environment and is considered in every project that Simon designs for his clients.

Specialising in site responsive & energy efficient houses with a focus on cost effective planning, solar gain, daylight, natural ventilation & the spatial experience of the occupants.

The clients brief, goals and budget are at the forefront of his thinking. Simon strives to provide economically planned buildings to save on excess space, materials and construction costs. His knowledge of site and climate, critically inform his projects.


Simon Hayward
NSW Architects Registration Number 12584

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